EXTRACTION: megazine

A Call for content

We are currently accepting content submissions for what we are colloquially calling the Extraction Megazine, which will feature a map and schedule of events, poetry, critical essays, and, of course, many hundreds of images of art work by Extraction artists. Our goal is to distribute 10,000 total copies of the publication for free to all the participating galleries, museums and exhibition spaces, before the beginning of the main Extraction programming. Distribution of the Megazine will provide free publicity for our venues, not to mention the hundreds of artists who will be contributing art work to the publication.

The final deadline for artists and writers to contribute images of art work or written material for inclusion in the Megazine is January 1, 2020. This will ensure that we have a full year to produce and distribute the publication before the ruckus begins in 2021. We recognize that many venues may not have the details of their 2021 calendar year programming finalized by the beginning of 2020, so the final deadline for exhibition spaces and venues to contribute press releases or other information about their respective Extraction Events or Exhibitions is July 1, 2020. This will allow our venues the maximum amount of time to sort out the details before the Megazine goes to print.


Please adhere to the following guidelines for content submissions:

For Images:

  • Images can be no smaller than 400 dpi. This will give us some leeway to size up if necessary.

  • If you intend for your image to take up a full page, note that the page dimensions will be roughly 9” by 12”, oriented vertically. Smaller images and/or images with a landscape orientation will be paired with text and/or other images on the same page.

  • Images can be sent via email, as a Google Drive link, through Dropbox, or other file sharing services. 

  • Send all files to sam@codexfoundation.org.

  • Please include the following information: Title, Year, Artist Name, Medium.

For Written content:

  • Please send only plain text or Word Document. We will be handling the formatting. If you have special requests regarding formatting, please include these instructions along with your text. We will do our best to fulfill these requests if we can.

  • Please email submissions to me directly at sam@codexfoundation.org.

  • You are welcome to send multiple submissions, but we cannot promise that every image or writing piece will be published in the Megazine.