Image: Shore and oil field in Huntington Beach, ca. 1937 by Herman Schultheis, Herman J. Schultheis Collection, Los Angeles Public Library

To become a participant in Extraction: Art on the Edge of the Abyss, send an email to with your name, contact information and a link to your website or portfolio. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, your work and how it intersects with the goals of the Extraction Project.

To all current Extraction Art Participants: we are currently calling for content submissions for what we are colloquially calling the "Extraction Megazine." You can upload content submissions here or email files directly to Sam at

Participating artists, ALLIES, and institutions

The United States of Extraction.

Museums and Galleries

Calabi Gallery - Santa Rosa, CA
Dennis Calabi, Director

The Center for Book Arts - New York, NY
Alexander Campos, Executive Director

The Center for Photographic Art - Carmel, CA Ann Jastrab, Executive Director

Churchill Arts Council - Fallon, NV
Valerie Serpa, Director

Gallery 16 - San Francisco, CA
Griff Williams, Director

Gregory Allicar Museum of Art - Fort Collins, CO
Lynn E. Boland, Ph.D., Director and Chief Curator

Jack Fischer Gallery - San Francisco, CA Jack Fischer, Director

Hazel Wolf Gallery - David Brower Center - Berkeley, CA
Laurie Rich, Executive Director

The Holter Museum Of Art - Helena, MT
Chris Riccardo, Executive Director

KALA Art Institute - Berkeley, CA
Archana Horsting, Director

Lewistown Art Center Gallery - Lewistown, MT
Mary Callahan Baumstark, Director

Minnesota Center for Book Arts - Minneapolis, MN
Amanda Kaler, Interim Executive Director

Missoula Art Museum (MAM) - Missoula, MT
Brandon Reintjes, Senior Curator

Natural History Institute - Prescott, AZ
Thomas L. Fleischner, Executive Director

North Dakota Museum of Art - Grand Forks, ND
Laurel Reuter, Director

Northcutt Steele Gallery - Billings, MT
Leanne Gilbertson, Gallery Director

O’Fallon Historical Museum - Baker, MT Melissa Rost, Museum Curator

Old Main Gallery - Bozeman, MT
Ryan Parker, Director

Patricia Conde Galeria - Mexico City, Mexico
Patricia Conde Juaristi, Director

Phoenix Art Museum - Phoenix, AZ
Betsy Fahlman, Adjunct Curator of American Art

Richmond Art Center - Richmond, CA Amy Spencer, Exhibition Director

Rubin Center for the Visual Arts - El Paso, TX
Kerry Doyle, Director

SF Camerawork - San Francisco, CA Heather Snider, Director

San Francisco Center for the Book - San Francisco, CA
Jeff Thomas, Executive Director

Santa Fe Poetry Garden - Santa Fe, NM
Miriam Sagan, Curator

Seager Gray Gallery - Mill Valley, CA
Donna Seager, Director

Sebastopol Center for the Arts - Sebastopol, CA
Catherine Devriese, Visual Arts Director 

The Nook Gallery - Los Angeles, CA Richelle Gribble, Director

University of Colorado Galleries of Contemporary Art - Colorado Springs, CO
Daisy McGowan, Director

University of Wyoming Visual Arts Gallery - Laramie, WY
David Jones, Director

Yellowstone Art Museum - Billings, MT Susan Barnett, Curator


Peggy Sue Amison - Berlin, Germany
Artistic Director, East Wing

Betty Bright - Minneapolis, MN
Independent Curator and Writer

Kate Contakos - Petaluma, CA / New York, NY
Curator, Atelier Contakos

Timothy Don - Oakland, CA
Art Editor, Lapham's Quarterly, Independent Curator

Erin Elder - Albuquerque, NM Curator & Consultant

Erin Joyce - Phoenix, AZ
Fine Arts Curator 

Peter Rutledge Koch & The Codex Foundation - Berkeley, CA
Book Artist & Printer

Gordon McConnell - Billings, MT
Curator & Artist

Erika Osborne - Fort Collins, CO
Associate Professor of Art, Colorado State University

Satri Pencak - Bodega, CA
Independent Curator


Artichoke Press
Mountain View, CA

Black Rock Press
Reno, NV

Brighton Press
San Diego, CA

Classic Letterpress
Ojai, CA

Deep Wood Press
Mancelona, MI

Dependable Letterpress
San Francisco, CA

Foolscap Press
Santa Cruz, CA

Greenboathouse Press
Vernon, BC, Canada

Greenhouse Review Press
Santa Cruz, CA

Ink-A! Press
Inge Bruggeman, Nevada

Jungle Garden Press
Fairfox, CA

Editions Koch
Berkeley, CA

Koch Printing
Austin, TX

Larkspur Press
Monterey, KY

Russell Maret
New York, NY

Midnight Paper Sales
Minneapolis, MN

Mixolydian Editions Richard Wagner
Northern California

Moving Parts Press Felicia Rice
Santa Cruz, CA

NewLights Press
Colorado Springs, CO

Ninja Press
Sherman Oaks, CA

North Bay Letterpress Arts
Sebastopol, CA

Paulson Fontaine Press
Berkeley, CA

The Press of the Palace of Governors
Santa Fe, NM

The Red Butte Press
Salt Lake City, UT

Robin Price Printer
Middletown, CT

Patrick Reagh Printers
Sebastopol, CA

Richard Seibert
Berkeley, CA

The Salvage Press
Dublin, Ireland

Territorial Press Aaron Parrett
Helena, MT

Triangular Press
Portland, OR

Turkey Press
Isla Vista, CA


Rachel Abrams Brooklyn, NY Artist

David Emitt Adams
Tucson, AZ


Wesaam Al-Badry
Albany, CA

Emanuele Nicolo Andreoli Aarhus, Denmark Artist

Mitra Azar
Milan, Italy
Filmmaker & Artist

James Balog
Boulder, CO

Mandy Barker
Leeds, England

Richard Barnes 
New York, NY

Tony Bellaver Oakland, CA Mixed Media Artist

Christopher Benson & The Fisher Press - Santa Fe, NM

Nina Berman
New York, NY


Anthony Bianconi
Redwood City, CA

Janet Biggs
New York, NY
Video Artist

Emilie Bitauld
Paris, France
Painter & Installation Artist

Marcus Bleasdale
Oslo, Norway


Glenn Bodish
Dixon, IL

Peter Bogardus
New York, NY

MaryAnn Bonjourni
Missoula, MT

Professor of Drawing, University of Montana, Missoula

Chris Boyer
Bozeman, MT

Byron T. Brauchli
Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico


Stephen Braun
Kalispell, MT
Ceramic Sculptor

Mark Brest van Kempen
San Francisco, CA
Sculptor & Land Artist

Jason Brown Knoxville, TN Artist

Lou Cabeen
Seattle, WA

Seonaid Campbell
Livingston, MT

Filmmaker & Writer

The Canary Project/Carbon Arts Melbourne, Australia

Warren Cariou
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Photographer, Filmmaker

Sarah Christianson San Francisco, CA Photographer

T Allan Comp
Washington, D.C.
Historian & Artist

John Robert Craft
Clarendon, TX
Artist & Printmaker

Susan Crile
New York, NY

Kirk Crippens
Emeryville, CA

Luis Delgado San Francisco, CA Photographer/Book Artist

d’Ann DeSimone

Robin Dintiman
New York, NY
Installation Artist

Lewis de Soto
Napa, CA

Sculptor & Installation Artist

Fatoumata Diabate
Bamako, Mali

Holly Downing 
Sebastopol, CA
Painter and Printmaker

Ginger Dunnill
Santa Fe, NM

Lauren Elder
Oakland, CA

Nina Elder 
Big Sky, MT
Artist & Researcher, co-founder, Wheelhouse Institute

Susan Greer Emmerson
Boston, MA

Karen Eng Cambridge, UK Photographer, Writer

David Esslemont
Decorah, IA

Terry Evans 
Chicago, IL

Donald Farnsworth
Emeryville, CA

Artist & Inventor

Zaria Forman
Brooklyn, NY

Jack Fulton
Brooklyn, NY

Bill Gilbert 
Albuquerque, NM
Lannan Endowed Chair, Land Arts of the American West

Lawrence Gipe
Los Angeles, CA

Peter Goin
Reno, NV

Richelle Gribble Los Angeles, CA Multidisciplinary Artist

Roberto Bear Guerra
Los Angeles, CA

Owen Gump
Berlin, Germany and Northern California

Kristi Hager
Missoula, MT
Painter, Photographer

David T. Hanson
Fairfield, IA

Newton Harrison
Santa Cruz, CA
Environmental & Ecological Artist

Ilka Hartman
Bolinas, CA


Jeanette Hart-Mann
Albuquerque, NM
Farmer, Artist, and Assistant Professor Art & Ecology, University of New Mexico

Jordan Hayes
Sebastopol, CA
Dancer and Installation Artist

Ilya Herb
Wellington, New Zealand

Emma Hoette London, England Choreography/ Performance/Installation

Steven R Holloway
Missoula, MT
Printmaker & Artist

Brooke Holve
Sebastopol, CA
Book Artist

Eva-Maria Horstick Dortmund, Germany Photographer

Bernadette Howard
Sebastopol, CA
Contemporary Visual Artist

Ben Huff
Juneau, AK

Roberto Fernández Ibáñez
Solimar, Uruguay

Thomas Ingmire
San Francisco, CA
Book Artist, Calligraphy & Illumination

Basia Irland
Albuquerque, NM
Sculptor/Installation Artist/Writer

Navajo Nation

Photomuralist & Public Artist

KB Jones
New York, NY

Rachael Marne Jones
Canton, NY
Ceramic Artist

Jon Jost
Belfast, Ireland
Filmmaker & Photographer

James Kennard
San Francisco, CA


Karen Kitchel
Ventura, CA


Janet Knox Seattle, WA Geochemist, Poet, Performance Artist

Peter Rutledge Koch
Berkeley, CA

Book Artist & Printer

Beth Krensky
Salt Lake City, UT

Andrea Krupp
Philadelphia, PA
Visual Artist

Patricia LaGarde
Mexico City, Mexico

Land Report Collective
Tennessee, Texas, Wyoming

Judith Selby Lang & Richard Lang
San Francisco, CA

Eve Andree Laramee Brooklyn, NY & Sante Fe, NM Installation Artist

Elena Lavellés
New York, Mexico City, Madrid
Multimedia Artist

Jacqueline Rush Lee
Oahu, Hawaii
Installation Artist

Garth Lenz
Victoria, British Columbia

Ann Lewis
Detroit, MI
Multidisciplinary Activist Artist

Ken Light
Berkeley, CA

Michael Light
San Francisco, CA


Nikki Lindt
Brooklyn, NY

Jennifer Little
Oakland, CA


Pam Longobardi
Atlanta, GA
Installation Artist

Cannupa Hanska Luger
Santa Fe, NM

Michael Lundgren
Phoenix, AZ

Viktor Macha Prague, Czech Republic Photographer

Kara Maria
San Francisco, CA


Sara Mast
Bozeman, MT

Artist & Professor, Montana State University

David Maisel
San Francisco, CA


Mary Mattingly
New York, NY

Gordon McConnell
Billings, MT


Timothy McDowell
New London, CT


Laura McPhee
Boston, MA

Richard Misrach
Berkeley, CA

Joan Myers
Santa Fe, NM

Bob Nugent
Heraldsburg, CA

Rik Olson
Sebastopol, CA
Illustrator & Printmaker

Monica Oppen Ant Press Sydney, Australia Artist

Paccarik Orue San Francisco, CA Photographer

Erika Osborne
Fort Collins, CO
Painter & Associate Professor of Art, Colorado State University

Galen Pardee
New York, NY
Designer & Political Scientist

Ryan Parker
Bozeman, MT

Mary Peck
Santa Fe, NM

Nancy Peluso
Berkeley, CA
Professor of Society and Environment, Writer and Photographer

Joan Perlman
Los Angeles, CA
Visual Artist

Robin Price
Middletown, CT


Sandra Dal Poggetto 
Helena, MT

Elisa Pritzker
New York, NY
2D, 3d, and Installation artist

Ethan Rafal
Oslo, Norway
Artist & Photographer

Nicol Ragland
Los Angeles, CA

Rachelle Reichert San Francisco, CA Visual Artist

Catherine Richardson
Santa Rosa, CA

Daniela Rivera
Boston, MA
Project-based Painter

Steve Rowell

Caroline Saltzwedel
Hamburg, Germany
Book Artist

Victoria Sambunaris
Ghent, NY

Maria Veronica San Martin
New York, NY

Jos Sances Berkeley, CA Printmaker, Muralist

Andrea Schuh
Cologne, Germany

Jessica Anne Schwartz
New York, NY
Multimedia Artist

Toby Smith
Cambridge, England
Photographer & Filmmaker

Karen Steen
Kansas City, MO
Contemporary Artist

Betsy Stirrat
Bloomington, IN

Tom Stoddart
Newcastle, England

Kim Stringfellow
Joshua Tree, CA

Evan Summer
Kutztown, PA

Lisette Tardy
Montreal, Canada
Artist and Painter

Chris Taylor
Lubbock, TX
Land Arts of the American West, at Texas Tech

Andie Thrams
Sierra Nevada foothills, CA
Book Artist & Painter

Paul Turounet El Cajon, CA Photographer

Christopher Volpe
Hollis, NH

Weiss, Sonke Dortmund, Germany & Paris, France Photographer

Michelle Wilson
San Francisco, CA

Will Wilson
Santa Fe, NM


Philip Zimmermann
Tucson, AZ


Adriana Zehbrauskas
Mexico City, Mexico


Margaret Atwood
Toronto, Canada

Author, Poet & Essayist

Rick Bass
Yaak, MT

Author & Activist

Wendell Berry
Novelist, Poet & Environmental Activist

Alberto Blanco
Mexico City, Mexico

Robert Bringhurst
Quadra Island, BC, Canada

Poet & Linguist 

Adam Cornford
Poet, Journalist & Essayist

Peter Coyote 
Sebastopol, CA
Actor, Narrator & Writer

Craig Czury Springville, PA Poet

Edwin Dobb
Bolinas, CA

Essayist, Journalist & Fiction writer

Natalie Diaz

Gloria Dickie
Victoria, BC, Canada

David James Duncan
Lolo, MT

Debra Magpie Earling
Missoula, MT


Peter Everwine

Elizabeth Farnsworth
Journalist & Author

William L Fox
Reno, NV
Director, Center for Art & Environment, Nevada Museum of Art

Forrest Gander

Eliza Griswold

Robert Hass
Berkeley, CA

Joy Harjo
Poet & Musician

Elizabeth Herron
Graton, CA

Brenda Hillman 
Berkeley, CA
Professor of Poetry, Saint Mary’s College of California

Jane Hirshfield
Mill Valley, CA

Poet & Essayist

Linda Hogan
Poet & Writer

Marie Howe

William Kittredge
Missoula, MT

Ed Lahey

Lewis H. Lapham
Editor, Lapham's Quarterly

Lucy R. Lippard
Santa Fe, NM

Writer, Art Critic, Activist and Curator

Jeffrey A. Lockwood
Writer & Artist

Barry Lopez
Essayist, Author & Short Story Writer

Hikmet Sidney Loe

Emily McGiffin

Lois Parshley
Portland, OR
Writer & Photographer

Joanna Pocock London, UK Writer

Robert Rice
Bozeman, MT

Author & Poet

Christa Romanosky
Writer & Poet

Kay Ryan

Jennifer Scappettone
Poet, Performance Artist & Scholar

Gary Snyder
Nevada City, CA

Poet, Essayist & Environmental Activist

Arthur Sze
Santa Fe, NM


Kazuaki Tanahashi
Author & Calligrapher

Melissa Tuckey
Poet & Activist

Aaron Parrett
Helena, MT

Writer & Founder of Territorial Press

Jan Zwicky
Quadra Island, BC

Poet & Philosopher

Terry Tempest Williams

First Look Sonoma: “Heart of the Great Divide” Sebastopol, CA
Missy Weaver Sebastopol, CA
Opera Director
John Duykers Sebastopol, CA
Philip Aaberg
Helena, MT
Matthew E. Jones Sebastopol, CA
Visual Alchemist/Video Designer

Catherine Lee
Portland, OR

Jerry Mader
Whidby Island, WA

Žibuoklė Martinaitytė
Vilnius, Lithuania & New York, NY

Charles Norman Mason
Frost School of Music at University of Miami

Jacob Bloomfield-Misrach
IMRSV Sound, Berkeley, CA
Composer, mixer, owner of IMRSV Sound

Kate van Orden
Boston, MA

Musician & Scholar

Karen Bentley Pollick
Seattle, WA and San Pancho, Nayarit MEXICO
Violinist, Violist & Producer

MJ Williams
Helena, MT

Jazz Musician



Libraries, Archives and Rare book Collections

The Donohue Rare Book Room 
Gleeson Library at University of San Francisco

Environmental Design Library 
David Eifler, University of California, Berkeley

University of Nevada, Reno 
Donnelyn Curtis, Rare Book Librarian

San Francisco Public Library

Advisors and Consultants

William L Fox
Reno, NV
Nevada Museum of Art Director, Center for Art & Environment

Laura Copelin
Marfa, TX

Executive Director & Curator, Ballroom Marfa

Malcolm Margolin 
Berkeley, CA
The California Institute for Community, Art, & Nature

Susan Moffat 
Albany, CA
Project Director, Global Urban Humanities Initiative, University of California Berkeley

Bill Gilbert 
Albuquerque, NM
Professor of Art & Ecology, Land Arts of the American West, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Kathleen Ryan 
Boulder, CO
Department of Journalism, University of Colorado Boulder,
Landscape Story: Women, Photography and the Environment

Kathryn Reasoner
Berkeley, CA

Independent Art Advisor and Advocate

Katja Bartholmess

Kate van Orden
Boston, MA

Department of Music, Harvard University

Arif Kahn
Director UNM Art Museum
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Jeanette Hart-Mann
Albuquerque, NM

Director, Land Arts of the American West, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Sandra S. Phillips 
San Francisco, CA
Curator Emerita of Photography

Matthew Coolidge 
Culver City, CA
Center for Land Use Interpretation

TJ Demos 
Santa Cruz, CA
Center for Creative Ecologies, University of California Santa Cruz

Jennifer Parker
Founding Director
OpenLab, UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA

Peter Selz
Berkeley, CA

Art Historian & Curator, Founding Director, Berkeley Art Museum

Richard White 
Margaret Byrne Professor of American History, Stanford University

Wade Davis
Anthropologist, Author, Explorer

Susan K. Filter 
Berkeley, CA
Art Conservator

John Weber
Santa Cruz, CA

Founding Director, Institute of the Arts and Sciences, UC Santa Cruz